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My whole life has revolved around the world of cheerleading- from allstars and high school to the collegiate and professional levels, I have done it all. That being said, I have constantly lived in crop tops and skimpy skirts, and learned at a young age that a nice tan greatly improves my appearance and self esteem.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, I moved on to Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland, and received my master’s degree in special education. While working on my master’s degree, I was chosen to be a member of the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading Team. I spent two wonderful years cheering in the NFL and of course had to be on top of my appearance at all times… which meant tan at all times. After over-using tanning beds for numerous years and seeing the damage to my skin, while also witnessing so many friends and family dealing with skin cancer, I GOT SMART and started spray tanning. Spray tanning was the safe and simple way to keep up a healthy glow. After fifteen years of cheerleading, I hung up my pom poms, but still enjoyed keeping up a nice tan. I decided to start spray tanning on my own and started a small mobile airbrush tanning business. I found that I really have a love for spray tanning and I want to bring awareness to how simple and healthy spray tanning is versus sun tanning.

The goal for my business is to offer affordable, convenient, custom, and natural-looking airbrushed tans, all in the comfort of your own home! I love meeting new people and making everyone feel their absolute best! I look forward to working with you!